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The Rising Fame of VOIP Technology In The Telecom Industry

The advancements in telecommunication technology have always been received with a welcoming note by the corporate sector. Today, it seems to be impossible to handle major and minor business related communications and business transactions in the absence of a high class phone service that is driven by VoIP technology. No wonder, the cloud telephony or the internet based telephone lines has been able to hold the pulse of big and small enterprises and helped the entrepreneurs to take a sigh of relief by providing faster and easier communication platform.

Owing to the plenty of benefits associated with the hosted cloud PBX, its popularity grew exponentially during this decade and it is expected to become a rage among the common people in the days to come. Here, it is important to understand that IP PBX, cloud based phone, virtual PBX, hosted PBX and VoIP are interrelated terms and these terms has been added up in the vocabulary of business class community that has become adept to this new wave in telephone facility. It plays imperative role in staying connected to the world in a relaxed mode, because you need not stick besides your telephone gadget in order to receive an expected call.  It can be easily forwarded on another extension or phone number, including the number of your cell phone. Therefore, it will no longer be difficult to conduct multitasking and handle several duties at the same time.

Hiring a VoIP phone service would enable a sole trader to portray itself as a huge business body despite having limited human and material resources, because he can add multiple extensions to his phone line so that there would be seldom any chance of missing any call that might bring in a unique business opportunity. However, a cloud based phone service will assist in earning wide array of facilities that are not available on a traditional analogue phone. The tech-inclined businesses have been using VoIP phone system for enabling better accessibility, carrying out call conferencing, and avoiding the unwanted calls. Besides this, they can use the feature of auto attendant providing an impressive introduction of the company in a few words. Secondly, it will help in automatic call forwarding without having need to add extra staff for reception and forwarding the calls to the desirable numbers. 

The major benefit of using VoIP technology for telecommunications purposes is its cost-effectiveness. A user will not have to be bothered about uncontrollable costs on making local and long distance calls regularly as it has become a need of time to be in-touch with the workers, supervisors and suppliers to ensure that a project can be completed successfully within a prescribed deadline. Unlike the mobile networks and analogue phones, the VoIP service providers would be much cheaper because you are billed for the use of packet data and not for the minutes consumed for making the long or short distance calls. Furthermore, there will be no need for a beginner to lay down the phone lines and set-up any kind of hardware on your own because all the needs related to the IP PBX phone lines will be fulfilled by the service provider.

The second most important benefit of using the VoIP phone system is that it makes it easier to carry out video conferencing in a simple manner. All you need to have is an account on the cloud, a broadband connection, and a computing device. Video conferencing helps you to have face to face communication with the other party and notice the facial expressions of the person having a conference with you. In a way, it helps in removing the hurdles of distance in geographical locations and let you be able to stay in touch with the business associates, branch managers or anyone that holds importance on the personal or professional grounds. This also helps you to understand several complex situations by speaking to multiple people sharing a single platform for communication without any need to call each of them individually. On the other hand, if there is no need to have a video chat, a VoIP phone user may also carry out call conferencing by dialling two different numbers at the same time and all the three parties will be able to speak to each other in a natural manner.

Unlike the traditional phone lines, the consumers get an independence of making changes in the phone settings through the online user management portal so that they can prevent the misuse of phone lines in their absence and they can even add personal mobile number for call forwarding feature to make sure that they do not lose touch with their official calls while they are going to remain absent from the office for several days. Not just this, it will highly advantageous to activate voicemail to email or call recording facilities in order to protect the business secrecy. There are uncountable benefits of using the VoIP phone system and it will be better to experience than to be explained.